St. Kevin’s Boys Club

Firstly may I on behalf of all at St Kevin’s Boys Club congratulate and wish every success to all concerned with the Church of the Holy Child 50th celebrations.

Indeed our own history is not too dissimilar to that of the Church’s with the then Fr DesWilliams founding St Kevin’s in l959.The story goes that a number of lads were playing in Ellenfield and Fr Des persuaded them to form an “official” team, the lads agreed and as the saying the rest is history.

At present the club has 42 teams competing on a weekly basis, with a further 250 under 7s being coached on Saturday afternoons. The club has always been synonymous with the Church as the latter has always proved an invaluable landmark for opposition clubs. Indeed until the recent development of the tunnel the front of the Church was always the preferred meeting place for St Kevin’s teams travelling to away fixtures. Since 1959 an innumerable amount of players have donned the orange and black and while some like Liam Brady, Stephen Carr, Damien Duff and Ian Harte have reached the international stage, it is the club’s ethos of genuinely trying to provide football for any child irrespective of ability, that has been the clubs strength. This fact has also, 1 feel been recognised by the people of Whitehall Parish who have continually supported us. This on-going support has allowed us improve and develop our own facilities, at Shanowen Road and the Club is very grateful for it.

While the year-round football side of the club goes from strength to strength in places as diverse as San Francisco or Hong Kong, Iceland orAustralia, you will find someone who has either played in the Road Leagues or gone on the club’s annual camp. The memories bring a smile and a laugh. The Road Leagues are still thriving but sadly the financial constraints of taking large numbers away has put an end to the annual camp. While space constraints preclude me from elaborating further on both these events, suffice to say the number of people who “claim” that they have saved a penalty in the Road Leagues from Liam Brady is in thousands and likewise with camp the numbers that “claim” they fell foul of the late Bobby Redmond’s humour is in millions.

I feel that children should take part in whatever sport they prefer. If soccer is the medium they choose, trials for St Kevin’s normally take place in July and are well advertised in advance. All are welcome.

Congratulations to all,
Brendan Bermingham Hon. Secretary