The Parish of Larkhill/Whitehall/Santry is a community of two Church buildings;

the Church of the Holy Child & the Chapel of Blessed Margaret Ball

each different but both visible expressions of God’s presence among us

and our response as God's people in worship and service.


Vision for our Parish

 "A family of God's people  

reaching out to all,

encouraging and enabling all,

 to become good people as God is good."







Newsletter October 2015





As and from this Sunday 13th September, the Reception desk in the Parish Centre will be manned between the hours of 11.00a.m. and 1.00p.m.  We are deeply grateful to the team members who will give of their time and availability on a voluntary basis. 

Most  parishioners realise that Sunday mornings are very busy; people are visiting the Parish Centre, various members of the different ministry groups need to access the rooms for choir practice etc., and so a friendly and watchful eye over the coming and goings will be a great help.  The presence of a volunteer at the Reception will provide an opportunity to book a time for a Mass, to answer enquiries or simply to set up a chat with a Priest.

We are told that first impressions are lasting ones.  I’m sure it’s true on all occasions but in particular availability and welcome are the hallmarks of a Christian parish community. 

Offering this facility on a Sunday morning is an extension of how hospitality and welcome are part and parcel of parish life here in the Holy Child Church and Pastoral Centre.  On weekdays the reception volunteers provide an excellent service; the Hospitality Team members are available on special occasions with refreshments and greetings and the Parish Shop is a source of helpful information too.  So much of the vital pastoral work that takes place in the Parish Office and Sacristy is based on the ministry of welcome.  Frequently contact is made with Staff and Sacristans at time of heightened joy and sadness and thankfully many parish  members are engaged in ministry teams who respond most generously at these times in peoples’ lives.

I have no doubt that the new service on Sunday mornings will be extremely positive for all parishioners but especially to those making contact for the first time.  Hopefully it will enable them to

participate in the many opportunities offered in our parish.  Sunday mornings are not only the busiest times but one of the occasions when we are most aware of what it means to be a worshipping parish.  As we come together we are a gathering of God’s people exercising our royal priesthood in the sacrifice of praise.  The attitude and climate of hospitality and welcome to all and among all the assembly creates the environment where our Liturgy can be richly celebrated.

The work of the Sacristans is at its busiest on Sundays so the new arrangements will help them too.  The Holy Spirit is always with us in all we do and never more so than in the welcome we extend to all.  The early Christians were very aware of this role and in the Letter to the Hebrews we read “Do not neglect hospitality, for through it some unknowingly have entertained angels.” (Heb. 13.2). 

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